“We doubled our investment”

Phil & Leanne Jefferys
Business Consultants |  early 30s
Melbourne, VIC

In 2003, Leanne and I decided to buy a home and set about researching the market in order to make our first investment.

We spent about 18 months looking for a property. We wanted to buy in a particular location, in or around West Leederville where there was the kind of space we were looking for and because we were working within a price range – properties that fit with all of this didn’t come up for sale very often.

It was an intense time for buyers – the market was very competitive, therefore there was no time to waste a moment on a deal.

It was at this point that we contacted Property Wizards. We wanted to have someone on our side with the benefit of their wealth of property knowledge and experience, and to learn from seasoned investors.

Within a week of signing up with Property Wizards, we found a house we wanted to buy in West Leederville and it no time at all the property was ours.

A huge advantage for us in working with Property Wizards was that we had their knowledge and experience immediately at hand which helped us to make the right investment decision. Knowing all the processes, they moved very quickly to secure the property for us.

Property Wizards also put the property through all their systems and checks, which guided us through the processes that followed the sale and the lead up to settlement.

We bought our house at a great price and we estimate it has more than doubled in value since we bought it 3 years ago. Leanne and I have now been living in Melbourne for the last few years and the house has been perfect as a rental property.

On top of this, we have a house to move into in a suburb we love when we return to Perth, We’ll also be able to work with Property Wizards to use the equity we’ve built in the years we’ve been away, to leverage off and buy an investment property. Property has been a great wealth creation tool for us and the gains that we made by buying the right property, have certainly helped to set up future investing.



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