Support keeping the current development potential bonus

If you own or are buying an R30 or R35 zoned property in Western Australia, there’s still scope for enhanced development potential by building townhouse-type apartments in place of villas or townhouses. But that added bonus may soon be lost.

The West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) intends to remove the multiple dwelling provisions that allow development using plot ratio, on R30 and R35 sites. This provision is what has made the apartments so attractive and profitable to develop.

How does this affect you if you have a property zoned R30 or R35?

–     If you would like to build townhouse-type/boutique apartments, we suggest you get your plans drafted and approved as soon as possible before the proposed changes come about, limiting your options.

–     We can guide you in terms of who can assist you in design and planning approval.

–     Please contact Property Wizards if you’re uncertain or would like further advice.

How does this affect you as a potential developer or buyer?

–     If you are interested in developing townhouse-type apartments, avoid R30 and R35 sites as there may now be a time limit in which approvals are issued

–     Be aware that a number of local governments are preventing multiple dwelling development on R40 zoned sites.

–     Please contact Property Wizards if you need help.

In all cases, we suggest you do thorough due diligence to avoid getting caught with the wrong property or missing out on the full potential of your property.

What else can I do?

To show support for keeping the current enhanced development options in place, download and print the relevant objection letter, sign and return to Property Wizards:

I Own Land Zoned R30 or R35 I Do Not Currently Own Land Zoned R30 or R35

Please post your signed letter to Property Wizards, 121 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco WA 6008 and we will submit it to the Minister for Planning on your behalf.

We look forward to being of assistance in all your property endeavours.


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