“It’s about freedom of choice”

Dominique & Jakes Raubenheimer

Having moved from South Africa, we realized that we would need to build our superannuation to ensure we weren’t reliant on a government pension after retirement. We saw property investment as a forced way of saving.

We had first lived in Queensland (Mount Isa) and bought our own home there. Being a mining city, we were not sure about the long term growth and we sold that property when we moved to Perth – still making a 50% profit! We also bought our first investment property in Queensland, which we still own. As soon as we arrived in Perth, we set about looking for another investment property.

As we were new to the area and not familiar with the suburbs and growth potentials, we needed some support. We found Property Wizards and immediately felt comfortable with them as they were very efficient, professional and easy to talk to.

We told them what we were looking for and they set about and did everything, all we had to do was sign up and wait. It was fantastic as they know the Perth market inside and out, so we knew our investments and future were in good hands.

It wasn’t long before Property Wizards came back to us with a great property. From here everything happened at the speed of light. It was close to a new railway station which was due to open in a couple of years and it was also close to the beach, shopping centre and all other facilities which attract tenants.  All the odds were stacked in favour of great capital growth.

The property

We went down and inspected the property. We instantly saw the potential and called Trevor as we walked out the front door and said that this was it. He immediately had the offer ready to go, complete with clauses to protect us, which we submitted and before the first home open even occurred on the weekend the property was ours at about $10,000 below market value. Bang, bang, bang! – we were impressed.

The background checks showed that there were unapproved structures on the property and because of our protective clauses, we were able to get the seller to get council approval before we settled.

All we had to do ourselves, was a weekend paint-job and send 20 gnomes to garden gnome heaven so we wouldn’t scare off potential tenants!

The property has done really well. It was tenanted within 3 days of settlement and we have had the same tenants since we purchased it. The value had increased dramatically so we used the equity in this home to purchase our next home in the coastal suburb of Mindarie, which we now rent out as furnished short term accommodation.

The first investment property has increased 70% in value in just over three years, which is fantastic!

We have had to make a few sacrifices along the way in order to have our investment properties, but we have just changed our mindset and the way we look at things.

We still believe in enjoying life, but prioritising. Rather than seeing it as a sacrifice, we see it as part of the journey and making choices now which would give us greater freedom in future.

We currently have 3 investment properties in our portfolio and aim to reach 10, which will enable us to sell a few later and be debt-free.  Jakes wants to ‘retire’ by the time he is 55 and have the freedom to do as he pleases – being property renovations or just traveling and having the choice of working or not. We do plan ahead but our motto is ”subject to change” which keeps the whole experience exciting!

We love the whole journey of property investment and we do things a bit differently.  Usually we look at what 95% of the population are doing, then we do it a different way.  We bought our investment property with Trevor before we bought a home to live in. We also rent even though we own properties, we see our tenants as business partners and like to look after them. But they in return look after us by maintaining the property beautifully. So property investment is fun and our passion and will also provide a future of choice and comfort for us.

But investing is not just about financial gains. We have learned a lot along the way and encourage others in our life to do the same and take control of their own futures today. We also strongly believe in giving back to others who are less fortunate as this is the only way of attracting good fortune.

We would honestly recommend the services of Trevor and Liz at Property Wizards. Take the next step and allow them to take you on your own journey.


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