“You have as much right to be wealthy as anyone else. In fact, we think it’s your duty to achieve financial success and independence so that you and your family can enjoy the wonders of life, to the fullest.”

The secrets to serious wealth creation through property is to apply a proven formula that we have used over and over to create the sort of property wealth most people will only dream about. We’ve used this formula for ourselves and for hundreds of clients who wish they’d started years ago.


Wealth Creation

Our Wealth-Maker Property Pack provides all the key insights from our years in property investing and property wealth creation in Perth, Western Australia, and takes you step by step through building your own wealth making property portfolio.

The difference is, here you learn to do it yourself. You learn the tools to build for yourself a successful, million dollar property portfolio.

Here’s a preview of the seven steps you’ll take if you embark on our Wealth Maker program.


We take you through the basis of understanding property:
• What makes properties grow in value way ahead of others
• Which properties to go after and why
• Exactly how to find them
• What to pay
• How to buy them

There is also a series of exercises to complete that help with your understanding. The more time you spend doing the exercises (and they’re fun), the better you’ll become.

In this module, you’ll be undertaking dynamic ‘Field Work’ to inspect properties, and then to compare each one against the Ultimate Checklist.

This is a rewarding process that can often result in a ‘light bulb’ moment when you realise that you now have clarity and power at your disposal to enter with confidence the exciting world of property investment.

Step 2 – Complete Your Breakthrough Property Plan

Your Wealth-Maker Property Pack also includes an interactive ‘Breakthrough Property Plan’ that is designed to formulate a tailor-made blueprint that is perfect for your specific needs and circumstances – it’s the only one of its kind.

Among other things, it helps you work out how much you can buy for and what kind of strategy you can follow.

By completing your property plan, you will have a solid platform from which to launch your property wealth building portfolio.

Your Wealth-Maker Property pack includes a Breakthrough property Plan Consultation with Property Wizards.


By purchasing our special Wealth-Maker Property Pack you’re entitled to One Personal Finance Review with a recommended Finance Partner.

Having completed your Breakthrough Property Plan, you’re in a sound position to undertake a Finance Review with one of recommended Finance Partners. This review will confirm where you are financially and what you can do to begin with.


By now you will have been using your indispensable ultimate checklists to seek out the gems and avoid the costly errors most investors are caught by. The more you do, the quicker you’ll learn.


Now that you’ve done all the steps, you’re ready for our personalised strategy seminar where we present six powerful and proven strategies for wealth creation through astute property buying, that have proven to work time and time again, regardless of market conditions.

You are now joining a select group of serious investors who are deeply involved with investing in property.

It’s a personalised one day ‘Master Class’ that we include as part of your Wealth-Maker Property Pack. Its value is $6000, and it’s available to be redeemed for free at the completion of all the tasks.


As a Wealth-Maker Property Pack Investor you’ll be given ‘Priority Coaching Sessions’ with Property Wizards. This enables you to go over any strategies that may need refining, or any questions that may have arisen since we last spoke. Many of our clients find these coaching and support sessions invaluable to reaffirm that their property investment learning is correct.

You’ll also be given Priority Telephone Support Sessions to support your property investment learning and experience as you grow.

We’d love the opportunity to help build your wealth through property. To start the ball rolling, please take a moment to tell us what you’re looking for by filling out the no obligation enquiry form below or call us on (08) 9381-7450. We’ll then have one of our key staff contact you shortly.

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