Contact your insurer before kickstarting your renovation

Australians’ addiction to home renovating could result in them being caught out by failing to be properly insured.’ addiction to home renovating could result in them being caught out by failing to be properly insured.

The nation’s fixation on revamping the family home has been driven by prime-time TV shows including House Rules and The Block, but renovators are being urged to think twice before embarking on renovation projects.

Experts warn homeowners they could be left in hot water by failing to have proper insurance cover before allowing tradesman into their home.

One in two Australians have no idea they need to contact their insurance provider before kickstarting a renovation project and 52 per cent are in the dark about what their home and contents policy covered.

Galaxy researched commissioned by Woolworths Insurance found 22 per cent of people believed their insurance covered them for all renovation work.

Woolworths Insurance’s senior business manager Nicolle Glover said Australians needed to take caution before kickstarting renovations.

“People should make a 10-minute phone call to their insurer to make sure they are covered and work out what measures they need to do to make sure they are still covered while doing a renovation,’’ she said.

“Let the insurer know how long it is going to take and the extent of the renovations and put your mind at ease.”

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