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Based in Subiaco, Property Wizards works with local, interstate and overseas buyers seeking to buy or develop property in the greater Perth metropolitan area. 

A multi-award winning company, Property Wizards aims to

  • Help clients unlock the hidden wealth in property to set them on their path to financial freedom.  
  • This means, simply put, buying properties with an ‘X-factor’, something extra that can help accelerate their property wealth creation, be it an investment or their home.
  • This factor is often the ability to add value to the property, through renovation, subdivision or development, so that the client can extract the most value from the property and go on to build a portfolio of properties.


Property Wizards Buyer’s Agency

Formed in 2004, Property Wizards is led by director Trevor Dunkley and managing director Liz Sterzel and was one of Perth’s first buyers’ agencies.

Just as real estate agents act on behalf of a seller, buyers’ agents work exclusively for the buyer and search through thousands of homes for the one that meets their needs.

Property Wizards takes the uncertainty and leg work out of the equation, locating suitable properties for the client to view, negotiating the price, and carrying out due diligence to protect the buyer and secure the best deal possible. Buyers’ agents receive a fee for finding and purchasing the property, so it is in the agent’s interest to find the home their client wants to buy.


Property Wizards Developments

Started in October 2010, Property Wizards Developments is a complete turnkey property development management service. It was launched in response to demand from Property Wizards Buyers Agency’s clients asking for professional support in undertaking their developments from start to finish and is enabling them to unlock the full wealth potential of their properties.

Property Wizards Developments enables clients to be “armchair developers”, but gaining the profit from being a real developer, not just an investor in somebody else’s project. It enables them to build their property portfolio at wholesale price, rather than buying from another developer at “retail” prices.

Property Wizards Developments also helps people who already own a development block ie. a duplex or triplex site and want to develop it to unlock the extra wealth lying dormant in their property or are keen to realise that wealth to purchase a smaller home to retire in and fund their retirement.


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