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Property Wizards Honoured with Top Buyer’s Agent Award

Property Wizards has been awarded Buyer’s Agent of the Year 2019 at the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) annual Awards for Excellence.

Taking out the top honour in their industry, managing director Liz Sterzel said she was honoured to be recognized by the state’s peak industry body.

“We are thrilled to be acknowledged for the work we’re doing at Property Wizards for our buyer clients,” she said.

“We believe our recipe for success is that we put the buyer’s interests first and continually adapt our buying strategies to the changing property market. This helps our clients tremendously, where they tread a fine line between missing out on a great property and making a disastrous mistake. (more…)

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Why Buyer’s Agents are on the Increase (Case Study)

In recent years, the popularity of professional buyer’s agents has soared in Perth and across the country.

More and more investors and home buyers in the information age, are becoming increasingly savvy and demanding the services of professional buyer’s agents to work on their behalf.

Buyers now understand that it’s important to have expert help when they are buying property, as well as when they are selling, to ensure they get the best deal.

As well, investors are realising buyer’s agents save them precious time and money. While they spend their time where they can earn money – in their profession – buyer’s agents are locating the ideal property for them.

There is also the benefit that a buyer’s agent can save buyers money on the purchase price because they research the property market intimately and so stop them from overpaying.

Buyer’s agents also have the expertise and access to information that can prevent them selecting a property that will under-perform.


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Buyers’ agents have now become a permanent fixture in the Perth real estate market – and it seems investors aren’t the only ones taking up the service. There’s a rapidly growing trend for homebuyers to enlist the help of experts in their search for the family home.

Using a buyer’s agent was once mostly the domain of property investors, but a growing number of owner-occupiers are taking up the trend and with a degree of uncertainty plaguing buyers in today’s market, it’s an area that’s tipped to grow strongly. (more…)

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Property and finance services under one roof (FACT SHEET)

As we announced recently, Property Wizards has launched its finance brokerage arm – so we can now offer property buying and finance services under one roof.

The move was fuelled by our customers’ demand for quality financing:

“Throughout our property buying process so many of our clients ask for help with their finance. They want a smooth process where their property and finance is all taken care of without any hassles, and with a single point of contact. So it made sense to us to extend our service offer to include finance.” – Liz Sterzel, Property Wizards director. Continue Reading…

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Property Wizards launches finance service

Award-winning Perth buyer’s agency Property Wizards has launched its own finance brokerage arm.

Managing director Liz Sterzel said the move was fuelled by their customers’ demand for quality financing.

“When we are going through the detailed processes of property buying for our clients, so many of them ask for help with their finance,” Ms Sterzel said.

“They want a smooth process where their property and finance is all taken care of without any hassles, and with a single point of contact. So it made sense to us to extend our service offer to include finance.” (more…)

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Why it pays to have professionals on your team at auction (CASE STUDY)

Property Wizards represented a client at auction over the weekend and achieved a fantastic outcome – securing them a beautiful home in the Perth hills.

The property was secured at $25,000 below the bank’s reserve using auction techniques and skills to ensure bids did not reach any higher than they had to and through skilled post-auction negotiation. Here’s how… (more…)

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What’s the difference between a real estate agent and a buyer’s agent? (Q&A)

While most people know what a real estate agent – or seller’s agent – is, it seems not everyone knows what a buyer’s agent is – or does.

So we thought we’d break it down. (more…)

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Low interest rates add to the appeal of the Perth property market (TIPS)

Perth, Western Australia, viewed at night reflected in the Swan River.

We already know it’s a great time to invest in property in Perth.

With the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision last week to keep the cash rate at 1.5 per cent, this certainly adds to the appeal of getting into the Perth property market.

So while interest rates have stabilised, they are likely to rise. So if you’re ready to buy, the time really is now.

What should you do next? (more…)

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Why you need a buyer’s agent in your corner (Q&A)


As people have become more aware of the workings of the real estate industry, many buyers now recognise the need for representation.

Just as you might engage a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant to address specific legal, health, financial aspects of your life, it makes sense to engage a professional buyer’s agent if you’re considering buying property.

And, if you are considering buying a house or apartment, the seller is likely to have an agent on their side, so why not have a professional on yours.

Whether you’re just starting out, or even if you’re a pretty savvy property investor, you’re probably asking, “but what can a buyer’s agent do that you can’t do yourself?” (more…)

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What you need to know about property development (TOP TIPS)


So you want to buy a property to develop or subdivide, but not sure where to start or what to look for?

Knowing how to secure a property with superior development potential can be difficult, especially if you are just starting out.

Here are our top tips for a successful development project: (more…)

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Why waiting can be a costly error in property investment (eBOOK)


While it’s one thing to rush and make poor decisions under pressure, waiting for “the right time in the market” can prove equally costly, and may not be a smart property investment strategy.

In periods like this, when the Perth property market is at a low, many investors become increasingly concerned about whether or not it is “the right time” to enter the market.

But, such a situation provides the perfect illustration of why waiting to get into the real estate market can be costly.

By the time buyers who’ve held off realise the theory that there is a “right time” to enter the market is flawed, they’ve already missed the boat. (more…)

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Getting to know Trevor Dunkley

Getting to know Trevor Dunkley

Trevor Dunkley is an independent buyer’s agent with a wealth of successful property experience, and your first port of call when you meet the team at award-winning Property Wizards. To help you learn more about our services and our team, we’ve put together this Q&A with Trevor.

Describe your role at Property Wizards — what do you do?

Getting to know Trevor DunkleyAs the first contact you will have with Property Wizards, my role is to get to know you and find out what you want from your property purchase. Whether you’re looking for an investment property or a home to live in, I will talk you through the services we offer and how we can help you. Once I’ve got a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, I will focus on developing the best strategy to achieve your goals.

As soon as we have your strategy and requirements knuckled down, I will brief the Property Wizards team to ensure we find the best property for your strategy and at all times keep in contact with the buyer’s agent conducting the search to ensure they are meeting the parameters you have laid down.

How long have you been involved in real estate investment?

It has been more than 30 years since I started my career in Real Estate, and I’ve covered the full spectrum from property sales to residential property management and commercial and industrial leasing. I established Property Wizards Buyer’s Agency with Liz Sterzel almost a decade ago and we’ve dedicated our efforts to helping our clients build their wealth through property investment.

On top of these years of professional experience, I have also built a successful portfolio of investment properties. My strategies work and I am always ready to share these strategies with my clients, so their successes can match my own.

How did you get into this business?

Many buyers forget that Real Estate Agents are required by law to look after the interest of the sellers, making it impossible for them to act impartially and look after the interests of buyers. We looked for this type of service ourselves at one time when we were too busy to search for and assess properties, but it wasn’t available in Perth. Liz and I saw a need for buyers to receive at least the same representation as sellers and since we started offering this service we’ve purchased hundreds of properties for our clients.

What strategies have you adopted to ensure your personal success?

There are a range of strategies the potential investor could adopt, from yield-based strategies to capital growth strategies. My preferred strategy revolves around ‘adding value’ to a property; for example I’m currently undertaking the development of one of my properties to convert it from a single house on a large block of land to a multiple dwelling site of ten units. I also have a few rental properties that I hold for long term growth and I prefer to keep a mix in my overall investment strategy.

What part of your job motivates you the most?

The excitement of my clients when they build their property portfolio through property investment, development and subdivision.

If you weren’t in this career, what would you do for a living?

I enjoy working with people and helping them achieve the kind of success that makes a difference in their families lives because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. I would be working in a field where I could help people in another way to achieve what they want for themselves and their families, whether it involves property or something completely different.

Property Wizards Logo and tagline If you have an interest in building your wealth through property, then call us on (08) 9381-7450, or request a FREE Starter Pack.

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The benefits of buyers agents

The Benefits of Buyers Agents
The benefits of buyers agentsAround most of Western Australia the property market is stable with modest price growth, good turnover and low levels of listings.

Interest rates are low and most rental markets are turning in favour of tenants. Of course there are regional exceptions and all this can be a bit confusing to buyers and investors who might be trying to decide where and when is a good time and place to purchase?

In this situation you might like to turn to a buyers agent.

Just as you would expect a selling agent to represent your interests when selling, a buyer’s agent will act with the same level of professionalism in helping the buyer achieve their goals.

There are several characteristics that you should look for when selecting a buyers’ agent but the three key areas include communication, expertise and negotiation skills.

First up, a good buyers’ agent should be an excellent communicator. They should take the time to fully understand your needs and budget when selecting an investment or your next home and prepare a brief relative to these requirements.

This means that the buyers’ agent has a good working knowledge of your expectations and should be able to deliver. Conversely, if your expectations are unrealistic, a good buyers’ agent should be able to explain this effectively and politely to set you on the right path.

They should also possess the expertise and knowledge required to conduct specific research that may affect the purchase of the property and any other relevant items that are important to you the buyer. For example, development potential, re-zoning and major planning projects in the property’s locality that may impact on value over time.

If schools are important they should know which schools are available to your needs.

Demonstrated negotiation ability is extremely important. The buyers’ agent should be able to negotiate the deal on your behalf with the seller, including the contract and settlement terms, as well as ensuring you are paying a fair price for the purchase.

Buyers’ agents, as with any professional, will charge a fee for their service which may be fixed or a percentage of the purchase price of the property. In either case you should ensure this is discussed and agreed at the start of the process.

Remember, sales agents can offer great value and information when purchasing a property but of course they are engaged by the seller and are legally obliged to work in the sellers’ best interest.

Whereas a buyer’s agent is working for you, the buyer, and can save you lots of time while helping you get you the kind of property you really want. It’s a particularly handy service for busy people.

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Helping you generate long term wealth

Helping you generate long term wealth
Thinking about making your first residential property investment in Perth? Or perhaps you’re considering adding to your existing residential portfolio? With today’s record low interest rates, Perth’s growing population and the city’s strong economic outlook driving a growing demand for new and existing homes, now is an excellent time to utilise property as your wealth creation vehicle.

Of course, once you’ve made this decision the real questions begin. This is likely one of the biggest investment decisions of your life. At the end of the process you want to be confident you bought the best property in the right location for the lowest possible price, all in accordance with your investment requirements. And if you think the seller’s agent will be looking out for your best interests, think again.

Many investors seeking to buy or develop property in Perth live interstate or overseas, but even for local West Australian investors familiar with Perth’s residential real estate market the advantages of working with an experienced property buyer’s agent easily outweigh the relatively small fee involved. Representing the best interests of buyers, the team at Property Wizards has bought hundreds of investment properties for local, interstate and international clients, successfully generating long-term wealth.

Getting it right the first time

Property Wizards’ friendly professional team offers you the wisdom to make the right decisions, saving you the time and stress involved with researching hundreds of houses on the internet only to spend your weekends driving around to open homes in hopes of stumbling upon the right property. Offering a small, family like feel, Property Wizards’ dedicated agents have a detailed knowledge of the property purchase process including essential inspections, title searches, zoning information and checks. The due diligence they perform on a property is much better than most investors could ever do for themselves.

With their comprehensive knowledge of the local housing investment market, years of professional experience and access to all the latest information, Property Wizards can ensure you buy the right property the first time. Offering personalised service and making themselves available after hours and on short notice, your buyer’s agent will save you time and money, and provide excellent after sale services, giving you room to breathe and setting your mind at rest.

Your agent will negotiate and liaise with all of the different agencies and businesses that are involved with purchasing your investment property, as well as conducting a thorough property inspection checklist and following up with the selling agents. And you will be kept informed every step of the way with regular friendly communication face to face, over the phone or via email and Skype, depending on your location and preferences.

In the end, it’s all about finding an appropriate property to meet your wealth creation goals. Your buyer’s agent will work with you to clearly understand the type of property you desire, what you want to achieve, and the time frame you have available to achieve it before developing a strategy uniquely suited to meet your wealth creation goals.

Still undecided? No worries; Property Wizards is always happy to offer a free consultation to determine if their services are right for you.

Property Wizards Logo and tagline If you have an interest in building your wealth through property, then call us on (08) 9381-7450, or request a FREE Starter Pack.

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Buyer’s agents boost tipped to grow further

Buyer's Agents use their expertise to work for the buyer, not the seller

We are seeing an increasing trend in the number of buyers seeking expert help to secure an investment property.

It seems more and more people are recognising the need to have a representative on their side when purchasing homes, not just when selling.

In the past, most buyers were happy to do it all themselves, but not anymore. Now they’re realising that if they’re going to snap up the best possible house for the best possible price, hiring someone that knows the market inside out is the only way to go.

Buyer’s agents do all the research for clients and use their expertise to help them avoid pitfalls like paying too much.

Buyer’s agents act exclusively for the buyer, not the seller, while a real estate agent works exclusively for the seller.


Using databases and contacts, buyer’s agents search for the best investment for clients. They will negotiate with the seller’s agent to ensure the buyer pays only what the property is worth and carry out due diligence to make sure the buyer doesn’t get any nasty surprises like finding out about zoning or road changes or unapproved renovations.

Because they know exactly how the market works, buyer’s agents can save clients’ money – whether it be on the purchase price or by stopping them buying a lemon.

Many people are also using buyer’s agents to look for their own home to ensure they achieved good long term growth – and this will prove more important as the property market moves through its different cycles.

Homeowners aren’t happy to just live in a nice street anymore – they also want to know they are going to make money and when the market is in a slower cycle it’s important that they bought a home with great investment credentials.

Investors are also increasingly keen to seek the advice of an expert.

Many investors are time-poor professionals. They use buyer’s agents to save them precious time by locating and researching the property for them – they also want to know they are putting their money in the best place to get the best return.

Seventy-eight per cent of Property Wizards’ clients are looking for investment properties, the majority of these looking for properties with development potential; 22 per cent are looking for homes to live in, either immediately or at a later date.

Property Wizards works with local, interstate and overseas buyers seeking to buy or develop property in the Perth metropolitan area.

Property Wizards Logo and tagline If you have an interest in building your wealth through property, then call us on (08) 9381-7450, or request a FREE Starter Pack.

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