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From Ugly Duckling to Wealth-Creating Swan

Property Wizards helped home owner Travis Stead* turn his 1960s home into a modern, open-plan rental-ready property – and more than double its value in the process! 

“Property investment helped me increase my wealth and the Property Wizards’ system of buying has accelerated it exponentially.”

The Challenge

 I was born in New Zealand, but after living in London and travelling around Europe for a few years, when it came time to return home, I decided to move to Australia. After trying Melbourne for a while, I settled on Perth – 20 years later, I’m still here!

I wanted to buy a house by the time I was thirty as I wanted to set myself up for the future. Even back then I knew that I didn’t want to be reliant on the pension to sustain life after retirement and superannuation wasn’t compulsory. Having a background in building, I decided to use this as a vehicle to ensure my fear of growing old and having nothing was eliminated. I would create wealth in a familiar environment.

I have a passion for renovations and my nomadic lifestyle lends itself well to buying, renovating and moving on. I love the challenge and seeing the results, and the regular change suits me.


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