“Worth every penny and then some”

Neil Provins | Geologist | West Perth, WA

My partner and I have moved often and suffered both the benefits and shortfalls of changing property markets. Living in our own downtown apartment, we debated whether to pursue a beach house as an investment or a home in the Perth suburbs.

Logic prevailed and we began investigating opportunities in local suburbs through the newspaper – our long term intent was to provide capital growth returns that could later be used to fulfil the dream of an ideal retirement home. The Perth market at the time was beginning to get hot and it appeared to be the perfect time to get into the market.

Like many, we commenced the process by doing our own research, going through the newspapers and visiting home opens. Frustration came quickly, with properties not being as promised or those of interest being already under offer by the time we arrived.  It was clear that we lacked the knowledge, versatility and mobility to act quickly as we were both employed and often too preoccupied to be in the right place at the right time.

Having immigrated to Australia some years before and experiencing the use of professional services to find the ‘right place’ to rent in Brisbane, I was aware that professional help was available and worth consideration. Investigation into finding this sort of help led me to Property Wizards and we contacted them immediately.

We met with Trevor, candidly discussed our needs, desires and limitations. Initially the proposed cost of Property Wizards’ services seemed high but we rationalised and soon saw the benefits far exceeding the shortcomings.   We signed up.

Within six weeks we had the perfect property in a good growth area, with the potential to retain the home and subdivide into two street-front lots.  To our benefit, the professionals found the right property, our outlay of time and frustration was minimised and we were able to secure it.

We set about doing the subdivision and were partway through the process when circumstances in our life changed.  The home we were living in ended up being in a very noisy environment due to new commercial development.  Peaceful living was no longer a reality.  We decided to advance the dream of securing an upscale location sooner than planned.  We sold both our current home at the time and the investment property and got something truly nice.

Working with professionals paid off!  Because of Property Wizards, we bought the right property. 

Even though we didn’t complete the subdivision we were able to make a very significant capital gain. The property sold within a week yielding a growth of $145,000 in just over 2 years – a 46% increase.  There are few other forms of investment giving returns like that with so little risk.

We have since bought a lovely home in a quiet area of West Perth just minutes from the city.  This new property is a great asset and the value will just keep going up.  Certainly, it would not have been possible to purchase this lovely home and fulfill the dream without the additional capital we accumulated through the investment property.

We are now getting ready to invest again with the aim of capital growth.  We strongly believe that it pays to have expert professionals work with you to have the job done properly.  Months could have been wasted looking for the investment property ourselves and we still may not have secured the right property for maximum growth.  Once we teamed up with Property Wizards it was all done within six weeks.  Property Wizards found the opportunity, ensured we were there early and smoothed the way to securing ownership.  Our time was not wasted and the frustrations were gone.

At the end of the day my belief is that any short term cost is worth it for the upside of long term gain.  Without the aid of Property Wizards, we could have just as easily looked at short term gain resulting in long term pain. Their services really are worth every penny and then some.

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