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– Andre Sauer | 40 |  Business Owner

I couldn’t afford to leave our future to chance, I have a wife and three children. I needed to ensure that our future was going to be financially secure and comfortable.

Knowing the way the Australian economy was going, I knew there was no way I could take the risk of relying on a pension or even our superannuation. This was the entrance into wealth creation for me and my family, it was a necessary means to an end.

I bought my first property in 1998 and my next one in 2004, it was easier back then as it was before the big boom. These properties have done really well for me and they have grown more than I could have ever anticipated. It is of late that things needed to change.

The property market in Perth had already peaked and I realised that if I wanted to keep growing my property portfolio, I would need to change my strategy somewhat.

Upon my return from working in Malaysia I contacted Property Wizards. I followed their success stories over the years, but had never done anything with them. I decided to make the time and sit down with the Property Wizards team and chatted about investment and wealth creation.

It was through Property Wizards that I uncovered my strategy for creating wealth, even in a flat market.

Property investment can be done in any part of the cycle, it is simply about having the right strategy for the cycle in question, to capitalise on it.

It was also through Property Wizards that I first learned about buying sub-divisible properties and making money in a flat market. I had heard of it before, but never thought this was something for me, as I wasn’t sure about all the steps involved in the process. The Property Wizards team explained it all to me and I immediately got excited about the opportunities out there.

The idea is that you buy a property which has the ability to be subdivided and turn it into two separate properties, which enables you to sell off the one block and retain the other, resulting in making a profit in a flat market without growth. This was great for me to learn about, as nothing I have read – and I have read a lot – has ever made it so clear in such easy steps. It is a strategy that Property Wizards has been using and teaching for quite some time to help their clients create additional wealth.

Using this strategy we bought a property that had only been on the market a few weeks and the owners had spent a lot of money on it. They put in new carpets, blinds, kitchen, bathroom, landscaping, painted, redid the roof, new front door, new sliding door, and had the window frames redone.

The property had been given a complete facelift and it was able to be divided up immediately. Part of the Property Wizards system is to do market research in the area to ensure that the property price is good value and that as a subdivision, it can make money – that eliminates most properties. The market research for this property showed that other properties of similar standard in the area which weren’t zoned for subdivision, had sold at the same price as mine, therefore I basically got an extra block for free.

I am currently doing the subdivision and as it is my first, it is all a learning curve, but I know at the end I have many options of what to do with property, ie I can sell the back block and keep the front, build on the back and sell both, or keep the back and claim depreciation. There are so many options, it just depends on what I want to do next with my investment. The whole process can be done in a few months. I estimated that in a few months I will earn about $30 – $40,000 once all costs have been deducted, not a bad return for a few months work. If I can do 4 of these a year, it is an extra $120 – $160,000 on top of my regular income.

I can’t imagine anything else giving me returns of this calibre.

Property Investing is such a fascinating hobby and one that I am extremely passionate about. Being able to work with experts such as Property Wizards will ensure that all my investing in the future is 100% the best and most up-to-date strategy in the market as well as for the current property cycle.

As a result of investing in property, I am very certain of my family’s future and know that my retirement will be 100% enjoyable and stress free, as I will have no financial concerns.

Property Wizards believes everyone has the right to the knowledge to help you accumulate wealth, no matter your background, education or income.

We can help you unlock the potential of the real estate market for your family through savvy property selection, negotiation on price and conditions, development expertise and the magic of robust research.

Regardless of market conditions, our research, local knowledge, and access to silent sales means we find the hidden gems that can outperform the market in capital growth and rental returns for long term wealth creation.

Importantly, we’re able to provide property investors and homebuyers with the same level of representation that property sellers have benefited from for years.

Your property portfolio is your path to financial freedom and the lifestyle you’ve been longing for.

Property Wizards takes away the stress of buying a property and saves you money at the same time. We can show you how, or you can sit back and let us do all the hard work for you.


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