Property Investment – A Way of Saving


Kellie Hubbard | Terrigal, NSW

My husband and I chose property investment as a way of saving which we see as more secure than shares and a more reliable way of saving, rather than relying on us being disciplined enough to put money into a bank account and not touching it.

Having bought our first home, we already had first hand experience of how it can create wealth. We had built considerable equity in our home in Terrigal NSW since its purchase. Once we had owned this for a few years we decided to branch out and buy an investment property to create more wealth and provide us some stability and freedom upon retirement.

We did some research and saw that the Perth market was taking off and we decided to look at investing there. I was very comfortable with this as I was born and raised in WA. We had heard a lot about Property Wizards and what they were able to do for investors and we definitely wanted to be a part of that, we spent a lot of time on the phone with them going through our requirements and goals. 



They were really supportive and discussed our future investment in great detail. This was very comforting, as we were planning on buying this property without seeing it. It was very important that we built up trust and that there was understanding and respect for our requirements. We had all of that and more with Property Wizards and gave them the green light to look for a property that was in a high growth arema which had proposed R code changes in place that would allow us to subdivide in the future and unlock additional wealth.

After receiving a few potential properties we were presented with a great property located in Beckenham, it was in a proposed higher R code zone and once that was finalized by council, we would have the potential to turn our one unit site into a block of 4 units. This property had great potential, it was only 15 minutes drive from the city and had all the right facilities and infrastructure around it.

We decided to go ahead and buy this property and Property Wizards negotiated the price down for us. This was great, as that alone covered the buying fee for using their services and we didn’t have to do anything, nor endure any stress about the purchase.  This was a property that we would be able to subdivide into 4 blocks at a later stage and create a lot of money out of. It all seemed too good to be true.

As it turned out our personal situation changed in the year to come and I fell pregnant with our first child. We decided to sell the property to free us up financially and sold the property only 12 months later for an increase of 55%, we were so happy, no bank offers you that return. Who knows what it could have grown to in value in the future? It had truly done what we had dreamed and really put money back into our pockets.

Having made the wise decision to invest in that second property has set my family up so well that since I gave birth I have been able to stay at home and raise my child.

My husband and I have not had to stress about managing financially and I have not had to worry about work. It has been so great that I have been able to enjoy motherhood and raise my child myself without the stress or dumping my baby into childcare. Many of my other friends do not have this luxury and I am glad my husband and I made the decision to invest.

Property Investment is a smart and sure way of making money

We recently bought another investment property again and will continue to do so in the future. It is great that it gives you choices and options if ever you come to a crunch time in your life.

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