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Michael Young | 43 | Survey Pilot | Perth, WA

With the drought biting harder and harder into rural Australia, I found my income was withering as fast as the crops below me. My skills as an aerial agricultural pilot were becoming increasingly less required as the service requirement for irrigation and dry land cropping diminished across Australia.

In a classic case of one door closing and another one opening, my skills in the field of low level aviation would be recognized and in demand in the booming field of Airborne Geological Surveys. Fortunately I was able to secure a position with a Perth based operation of a leading global company in Airborne Survey and I subsequently relocated to West Australia. Typical of the mining industry I too work a roster which is 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off, so over a year I am only home for about 2 or 3 months in total.

I had decided some time back to invest in property as a means to securing future financial security whilst also minimizing my present tax burden.

Trying to buy property whilst not being in the state, or even the country proved to be difficult. I did what I could when I could but time kept passing and I wasn’t getting anywhere with my plan and frankly, I find buying property somewhat daunting.

I enlisted the services of Property Wizards, a leading team of professionals in the field of buyers’ advocate. It did not take too much maths to realise that the cost of their service would be offset by the positive influence they would have on deciding which property would make the best investment for me.

While I was away in the field, they did all the work for me and in time I was able to remotely secure a property.

The property is in a potential rezoning area, meaning that when the council finalises the zoning changes, my site will be in a position to be subdivided and I can capitalize on natural capital growth. In addition I can unlock additional equity by creating two blocks and either selling or developing one or both of them.

Since I bought the property the train line has been completed which will add further value to the property. My original brief to Property Wizards was for a different investment scenario and I am grateful for the wise insight they were able to bring to the table. I have no doubt their influence will see me better off both in the short and long term.

I bought the property when the market was quite high. However I don’t see this as a detrimental factor, property as an investment tool is a long term venture and in time it will always grow in value. I wasn’t looking to cash it out in the foreseeable future, it is long term financial security that I am chasing.

I don’t think you should be too fanatical about investing at the ‘right time’ although certainly better to where you can, I think that it is just important that you invest as early as possible and this can mean that sooner, rather than later, is the good time to invest.

Of course working with professionals who buy property by processing it through their systems will ensure that you don’t purchase an under-performing investment and that you achieve a head-start on the rest of the property market with a sound choice of property.

I am looking forward to buying my next property very soon and will once again use Property Wizards to do so.

I am not passionate about property as such, but I am wise to what it can do for me and how it can create long term financial stability in my life. My property journey has been a bit awkward, my first property lost to fire and I am yet to move out of the rental market. Whilst there are varying approaches to property investment, the key fundamental is that you are in it.

The present economic outlook might be filled with uncertainty and although house prices are out of kilter with household wages I cannot help but feel that very soon we will once again see some good investments appearing on the market. There will always be some anguish about entering the property market, but the rewards appear to certainly be worth the sacrifice and effort.

Property Wizards believes everyone has the right to the knowledge to help you accumulate wealth, no matter your background, education or income.

We can help you unlock the potential of the real estate market for your family through savvy property selection, negotiation on price and conditions, development expertise and the magic of robust research.

Regardless of market conditions, our research, local knowledge, and access to silent sales means we find the hidden gems that can outperform the market in capital growth and rental returns for long term wealth creation.

Importantly, we’re able to provide property investors and homebuyers with the same level of representation that property sellers have benefited from for years.

Your property portfolio is your path to financial freedom and the lifestyle you’ve been longing for.

Property Wizards takes away the stress of buying a property and saves you money at the same time. We can show you how, or you can sit back and let us do all the hard work for you.


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