“It’s just a matter of time”

Peter & Roslyn Kay

Peter and I had been trying to get into the property market for a few years, but were struggling because we are so time poor. Peter works up north with a 2 weeks on 1 week off roster and I also work full time as the Head mistress at a high school.

We used to spend all our free time when Peter was home and when I wasn’t working to look for the ‘right property’ that would give us what we required. Being in our 50’s we wanted the right property which would set us up for our retirement and complete our asset portfolio.

We would spend hours researching, running to home opens and browsing for properties which left us exhausted. Peter works really long hours when he is away and needs the week off to recuperate, but instead he was having to use all his time on break to look for the property we wanted and went back to work still tired.

One day we were with our mortgage broker once again confirming that we were able to buy but not having the time to look, he recommended Property Wizards to us.

He said that they were buyer’ s agents who specialized in buying property for people like us who wanted maximum capital growth but didn’t have the time to research, also that they were experts in the market and knew everything there was to know even before it was known to the public. He called Property Wizards and literally within minutes he was in the meeting room with us discussing how he can give us what we need without us having to neither invest any further time nor waste any more money looking for the right property.

We signed with him and within a week he had already found a property for us.

It was in the south which we had never imagined looking at as we knew nothing about the area, he came to us with a thorough report, with all the information that you could want and more. He had been to the property, researched its price, compared it to other properties on the market…I mean everything you could want was sitting there in a report, all we had to do was say yes or no.

We flicked through the report saw that it was a brilliant buy and submitted an offer. This property was truly all our dreams come true, located in Beaconsfield, an area we had never even considered before. It was minutes from the beach on a large block of land going for $30,000 less than market value, it also had a hidden golden nugget which was that it was in a rezoning area which meant that it had the potential to go from a 1 unit site to a 2 unit site, but wait there’s more!

There was another bonus within that bonus and that was that it had the potential once the zoning changes came through to build a 2 storey unit on the back block which would provide uninterrupted views straight to the beach. All for under market value!

We couldn’t ask for more and all this happened within one week of meeting Property Wizards.

Still to this day we have the same fantastic tenants in the property, who have been there from the beginning, who look after the place, cause us no problems and we have been able to increase the rent in line with market trends.

Now Peter can relax on his breaks from work rather than having to worry about looking for property, because the experts have done the job for us. My only regret is having not found out about The Property Wizards sooner, imagine how much time and energy we could have saved not to mention the fact that we could have bought more property.

We are now in a position where our son has been able to buy a home of his own, Peter and I can have an earlier retirement and enjoy life more. We were able to give our daughter a lovely wedding in Scotland which didn’t come cheap and will also be able to help out our youngest son get into the property market. The future generations will not have a pension so it gives us great peace of mind to know that their future will be financial secure because we were fortunate to have made a good investment in the property market with the expertise of Property Wizards.


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