Burglars reveal the common mistakes homeowners make that tempt them

WE’VE all done it — stashed the spare key in the pot plant near the door, or left a window unlocked because we’re just popping down to the shops.

But a recent study has debunked some popular myths about how to best guard against home invasions.

The study surveyed police detainees involved in Western Australia’s Drug Use Monitoring in Australia project to find out how burglars tick.

Overall, a total of 228 detainees were interviewed and of these, 168 were asked about their knowledge of common burglary tactics.

Here’s what the research team from the School of Law and Justice at Edith Cowan University discovered:

What mistakes do people make that increase their chances of being burgled?

Unsurprisingly, properties that appeared vacant were more attractive to prospective burglars than those that were clearly occupied.

Leaving bins out, letting your mail pile up in the letterbox and not parking your car in the driveway are all things that will pique the interest of anyone scoping your home.

Perhaps less obvious though — burglars are more likely to target occupied homes if they think the people inside are drinking alcohol.

One burglar surveyed even regaled the study authors by describing how he’d been able to break into a party house without trouble, nibble on snacks and grab a drink before robbing the place.

Another cardinal sin committed by homeowners — leaving curtains open, with valuables in plain sight.

But if you think becoming a homebound teetotaller who always has their blinds drawn will keep the robbers away, think again.

Some respondents said they still burgled properties when the occupant was at home, but just waited until they were clearly occupied with outdoor chores like gardening or washing the car.


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Image courtesy of Patrisyu/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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