We are excited and very proud to announce that Trevor Dunkley has won the top buyer’s agent award in Western Australia, winning the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) annual Awards for Excellence!

Property Wizards’ director Trevor Dunkley has won buyer’s agent of the year at the 2022 Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) Awards for Excellence.

The awards salute Western Australia’s real estate leaders and recognise excellence in going above and beyond for their clients, the industry and community at large.

Mr Dunkley said he was honoured to be recognised by the state’s peak industry body.

“It’s very rewarding to be acknowledged for the work we’re doing at Property Wizards,” he said.

“We believe our recipe for success is that we are solely focused on helping our clients find and buy outstanding properties and secure them at the best possible price.

“It’s also extremely fulfilling to see increasing numbers of premium home buyers and investors recognising the benefits of having a representative on their side to track down and secure the best properties to suit their needs and budget. (more…)

Property Wizards honoured with national Buyer’s Agent of the Year at Awards for Excellence

Perth real estate agent Liz Sterzel from Property Wizards won the 2022 Buyer’s Agent of the Year Award at the Real Estate Institute of Australia’s (REIA) National Awards for Excellence.

The National Awards for Excellence, held on Thursday 7 April in Melbourne, aim to encourage, recognise and promote excellence and best practice in the Australian real estate profession and represent the highest accolade REIA can bestow.

REIWA CEO Neville Pozzi congratulated Ms Sterzel on her win and thanked her for her outstanding contribution to the buyer’s agent profession and WA real estate industry at large. 

“Ms Sterzel’s service to her clients and commitment to raising the profile of buyer’s agents in WA is nothing short of impressive.

“This is a marvelous achievement and once again shows that WA has some of the best real estate professionals in the country,” Mr Pozzi said. 

This is Ms Sterzel’s second time winning the national Buyer’s Agent of the Year Award.  (more…)


We are excited and very proud to announce that for the 3rd year running Liz Sterzel of Property Wizards has won the top accolade in their field, winning the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) annual Awards for Excellence!

Taking out the hat trick win as 2021 Buyer’s Agent of the Year is an absolute honour, especially to be recognised 3-years running by the state’s peak industry body.

At Property Wizards we do not accept anything but the very best of ourselves when it comes to serving you, and we work tirelessly to deliver on what we promise — exceptional property buying experiences that deliver enduring value.

REIWA Agent spotlight: Liz Sterzel, Property Wizards

“I enjoy finding someone a home they thought they could never get. Representing buyers, looking after them behind the scenes in ways they will never know and knowing it has made a difference in their lives. “  Liz Sterzel, Property Wizards.


Liz Sterzel has always had a good eye for property. When she was in her 20s, she had a gut-instinct to purchase an investment property in an oceanside suburb close to an expensive area. At the time, she didn’t have much of an understanding of property, but her instinct was right and the decision to buy that property turned out to be a very good investment.

Years later and Liz is now a successful real estate professional who has a passion for helping buyers and investors find their perfect property. She is Director at Property Wizards, an agency designed to assist buyers and investors with their property purchases. 

She is REIWA Accredited in two specialty fields, Buyer’s Agent and Sales Representative, and was the winner of REIWA’s Buyer’s Agent of the Year at the 2021 Awards for Excellence. Liz and Property Wizards are also generous sponsors of REIWA’s Community REInvest program. 


5 ways a buyer’s agent will help you – REIWA


While buyers’ agents in Perth have traditionally helped investors, there are more home buyers turning to buyers’ agents to help them make the right purchasing decision. 

Not only would you have a professional negotiator on your side, you’d also have an unbiased third party to prevent you from paying an emotional price for a property and avoid that fed-up purchase.

Here are five more benefits of using a buyer’s agent.

1. Help clarify your goals


The hidden benefits of a buyer’s agent

A lot of buyers never truly understand the value of a buyer’s agent until they use one.

Often a buyer’s agent handles lots of transactions every month, sharpening their intellect and feel for the market sentiment. The term ‘due diligence’ is transforming through technology in the property industry and buyer’s agents now have access to more information than ever before that gives power back to the buyer’s hand.

If you are still only half sure of what the role of a buyer’s agent is, here are five hidden benefits of using one.

Five Important Things You Can’t Achieve on Your Own (Infographic)

Whether you’re looking for a house to live or a property to invest in, navigating the ever changing world of property can be challenging, even for seasoned property buyers. This is where buyer’s agents come in. They take care of the nitty gritty process, using their industry knowledge and connections to acquire the property that you want, at the best price possible.

But what can a buyer’s agent do that you can’t do yourself? Why take your hard-earned money and pay someone to do the buying for you?

Let me give you the TOP 5 : Independence, Tailored Strategies, In-depth Analysis, Negotiation Skills, and Comprehensive Service.

(click image for a larger view)


8 Things You Get When You Engage with a Buyer’s Agent

More and more people are realising the value of having a professional buyer on their side. While real estate agents and property investment companies represent the seller or developer, property buyers’ agents act on behalf of buyers. They use their expertise and databases to search thousands of properties and find the best investment to meet the clients’ needs.

But what can a buyer’s agent do that you can’t do yourself? Why take your hard-earned money and pay someone to do the buying for you?

Here are 8 Things that you get only with the help of  a buyer’s agent:

1. Independence – unbiased recommendations

Buyer’s agents take the time to listen to your goals, where you’re at and what you want to achieve. They will then recommend the best plan of action to undertake. (more…)

Buying remotely: Let the professionals be your eyes

Would you ever buy a house without physically viewing it? The answer is probably not and there’s a valid reason why.

Whether you are purchasing your first home or second investment property, it is still one of the most significant purchases you will make in a lifetime, hence you need to do the due diligence to ensure you’re making the right decision.

However for some, attending a viewing is simply not possible. If you’re an interstate buyer, a FIFO worker, farmer, overseas investor or stuck somewhere because of COVID-19, but waiting to move back home, then hiring a professional to be your eyes may be the only transparent way in finding the right home. (more…)

Finding THE One! – A Homebuyer Case Study


Our clients, Michael & Louise were expanding their Newman electrical business to Perth and relocating with his whole family. Michael reached out to Property Wizards with the hope to find the perfect dream home for his wife and 4 children.

The family prepared a list of criteria and detailed requirements as to how they want their dream home to look like. First of all, the house had to be a modern double-storey, with 4 bedrooms and a provision for a possible home theatre or office. In addition, they needed the property to have a pool for their children to enjoy.

Proximity to the ocean was very important and Michael and Louise were also keen to be near good schools for their children. (more…)

A day in the life of a buyer’s agent

Recently, many home buyers have come to the realisation that in order to secure the best possible house for an ideal price, hiring someone that knows the property market inside out is the only way to go.

Imagine all of that stress lifted off your shoulders and placed into the hands of a real estate professional who’s only goal is one thing – to find you your dream home.

So, what exactly does a buyer’s agent do? To simplify this, let’s delve into what the normal day looks like from the perspective of a buyer’s agent.

Third Time Lucky! – A Developer Case Study



In February 2020, Property Wizards was working with a client who wanted to buy, build and invest in a new child-care centre. With extensive research, we found our client two ideal, adjacent properties in Duncraig. This was the perfect because:

1. The location has brilliant visibility
2. Situated on a corner lot with side road access
3. With high volume passing traffic
4. Close to the train and freeway to get into work (more…)

The difference between a buyer and seller’s agent

For many years the uptake of buyer’s agents in Western Australia trailed behind the eastern states, but today many WA homebuyers and investors wouldn’t think of buying a property without a buyer’s agent at their side.

With buyer’s agents becoming more prominent in Perth real estate, it can sometimes be confusing to know how the buyer’s agent’s role differs to that of a traditional real estate agent.

So, what exactly is the difference between a seller and buyer’s agent?

Who works for whom? (more…)

(Video) Do you need a buyer’s agent? A Checklist.

We made a VIDEO CHECKLIST to help you decide whether or not to get the services of a professional buyer’s agent. See if you can identify with any of these!


Talk to a property expert today! (more…)

How a Buyer’s Agent Helped Tom

What happens if you’re looking for a property but the odds are against your favour?

Here’s a story of Tom. 

Learn how Property Wizards Buyer’s Agent acquired his ideal property and helped him achieve his goals.



Just like Tom, we can also find YOU the perfect property for your goals.  You may contact our property investment advisors directly on (08) 9381 7450 for a FREE 20-min strategy call.


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