Hot Property: 4 Reasons to Act Now

Four Reasons to Act Now and Secure One the Few Chances Left to Have it All

It’s not too late for investors and the last 3 homebuyers to secure a unit at Spearwood Quarter, 326 Rockingham Road, Spearwood!

For investors, have you been looking for a low-maintenance unit that is easy to rent, secure and is already delivering the return you’ve been waiting for?

For home buyers, would you like to live a short stroll from local cafés, shops and a buzzing community all year round?

Are you a single professional who values convenience and security more than spare bedrooms you will only fill with junk?



Buyers’ agents have now become a permanent fixture in the Perth real estate market – and it seems investors aren’t the only ones taking up the service. There’s a rapidly growing trend for homebuyers to enlist the help of experts in their search for the family home.

Using a buyer’s agent was once mostly the domain of property investors, but a growing number of owner-occupiers are taking up the trend and with a degree of uncertainty plaguing buyers in today’s market, it’s an area that’s tipped to grow strongly. (more…)

Who are the Winners in the The Federal Budget?

The 2019 Federal Budget was announced last Tuesday – so who are the winners, you might ask?

Low- and middle-income earners are one of the winners from the 2019 Federal Budget. If you fall into this category you will receive personal tax cuts, for singles this is a maximum of $1,080 or couples a maximum of $2,160.

From a business perspective, small- and medium-size businesses received a positive outcome from the budget with the instant asset write off being increased to $30,000. This will benefit an additional 22,000 businesses.

For everyday Australian commuters, the budget announced $15 billion to be used for new roads and rail projects to help with congestion issues on our roads. Not only is this good for jobs and ease of travel, it is important for property investors who could benefit from investing near the right projects, such as the under-construction airport link. (more…)

RENTAL MARKETS: Spotlight on Spearwood

After four years of tough rental conditions in Spearwood, things have turned around. Renters are calling, texting and turning up at home opens, and multiple rental applications are being received for some rental properties. Here’s the full story …

Located 18km South-West of Perth CBD, Spearwood boasts a close-knit community with a village atmosphere. People who grew up in Spearwood stay in Spearwood. And no wonder – it’s 5 minutes to Port Coogee Marina and the beach, and Fremantle’s just up the road with it’s vibrant cafes and restaurants.

But it has been tough for investors for the last four years. With excess property stock on the market, the median unit rent had dropped by a huge $100 per week and there were not enough tenants to go around.

Now that’s all changed. The excess stock of rentals and properties for sale has been taken up, renters are calling, texting and turning up at home opens, and multiple rental applications are being received for some rental properties. (more…)

Negative Gearing: To Wait or Not to Wait

Negative gearing is set to be removed in January 2020 if Labor wins, except on new properties. So, where does that leave us? Do we jump in now or wait until after the proposed changes?

A study by experts released last week predicts the likely effect of the change on property sales and rentals and this could help investors make the right decision.

If the experts, SQM Research, are right, what does that mean? Do you take the plunge now or do you wait? Let’s take a look at Perth and try to figure this out. (more…)

5 Factors to Consider when Starting in Real Estate (Expert Tips)

Are you new to real estate? Do you want to know some practical ways on how to get started? In this article, you will learn what you need to know about property investment, straight from the experts who have been in the business for years.

Getting started in property investing can be confusing and costly if mistakes are made, but with careful planning and first-class market information, kick-starting your financial future can be a breeze! (more…)

What positive can we draw from the Royal Commission into Banking, Super and Financial Services?

At Property Wizards we understand the value of professional advice. Please see below an article from Raymond Pecotic, Managing Director of the Empire Financial Group with some timely advice following the Banking Royal Commission.

A great opportunity to really highlight the difference between good and bad advice!

Avid news followers will probably be aware that a Royal Commission has been launched into the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industries.  There are however many who take a more passive approach to following the news, so I thought it best to share a bit of an update and our thoughts on the process so far. Continue Reading…

Waiting for Proof the Perth Market has Bottomed (You may want to rethink your strategy)

Homebuyers and investors waiting for proof the market has bottomed out may want to re-think their strategy.

The practice of sitting back and waiting for confirmation the market has definitely bottomed out could be a costly move. Continue Reading…

Confidence Key To Winning At Auction

Property Wizards was in the thick of it at a recent auction and we were thrilled to come away with a win for our clients, who are looking forward to moving into their new home in Leederville! To add to the excitement of the day, the property was secured with a great saving, $40,000 under the reserve price.

Our clients came to us with the property in mind for their future home, pending a thorough renovation. Having had their pre-purchase building and pest inspection attended to, they were looking for the extra edge to get over the line on auction day. That edge is all about confidence, which comes from thorough preparation and experience.

With a week to go before the auction, the team at Property Wizards had all hands on deck to complete our detailed due diligence checks, including the research into prices in the area. With a clear idea of the value of the property, our clients were able to confidently set a budget and move forward with their plan to buy.

Read more…

What the Federal Budget means for Perth investors

Looking at the Federal Budget
We’ve had a month now to digest the Federal Government’s May 9th Budget release and the impacts its measures will have on the real estate industry. Housing affordability was an important feature of this budget, with several implications for first home buyers and investors. No matter what your interest in property, we’ve outlined the key measures here. Continue Reading…

Five Property Investing Stop Signs…

…and how to turn them into green lights

Success in property investing is a journey that starts with a single step, with financial security and long-term wealth generation your destination. However, before you can follow in the footsteps of successful real estate moguls before you, or blaze your own trail, you need to be aware of the many potential pitfalls that could send you down the wrong track. Continue Reading…

Can you afford your first home?

If you’re thinking about buying your first home, there’s no better time to act. With Perth’s property market favoring buyers and interest rates at record lows, you’re in a better position than ever to achieve your dream of home ownership. Here are our top five tips for getting started! Continue Reading…

Property and finance services under one roof (FACT SHEET)

As we announced recently, Property Wizards has launched its finance brokerage arm – so we can now offer property buying and finance services under one roof.

The move was fuelled by our customers’ demand for quality financing:

“Throughout our property buying process so many of our clients ask for help with their finance. They want a smooth process where their property and finance is all taken care of without any hassles, and with a single point of contact. So it made sense to us to extend our service offer to include finance.” – Liz Sterzel, Property Wizards director. Continue Reading…

Property Wizards launches finance service

Award-winning Perth buyer’s agency Property Wizards has launched its own finance brokerage arm.

Managing director Liz Sterzel said the move was fuelled by their customers’ demand for quality financing.

“When we are going through the detailed processes of property buying for our clients, so many of them ask for help with their finance,” Ms Sterzel said.

“They want a smooth process where their property and finance is all taken care of without any hassles, and with a single point of contact. So it made sense to us to extend our service offer to include finance.” (more…)

Why it pays to have professionals on your team at auction (CASE STUDY)

Property Wizards represented a client at auction over the weekend and achieved a fantastic outcome – securing them a beautiful home in the Perth hills.

The property was secured at $25,000 below the bank’s reserve using auction techniques and skills to ensure bids did not reach any higher than they had to and through skilled post-auction negotiation. Here’s how… (more…)

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