8 ways to make your home feel cosy

The cooler months can be a physical and emotional challenge for everyone – commuting in freezing weather, compromised immunity and remembering to carry an umbrella everywhere leaves most people feeling a little low during chilly seasons.

This is why it’s so important to make sure your home is an inviting place to be as the cold sets in, because you’ll probably spend more time at home than anywhere else. There’s more to being cosy than just being warm though.

So we’ve come up with eight easy ways to make your home feel comfy and cosy when it’s cold outside. 

1. Close the blinds

Closing the blinds will keep the warm air inside your home and will give you the feeling of ‘tucking’ yourself in for the night. Frosty, chilly glass windows are not very cosy at all so cover them up with blinds when you want to settle down for the evening.

2. Blanket up

Invest in a few throw rugs or blankets and keep them in your living room. Snuggling under a blanket after a cold day out is the perfect way to warm up of an evening. This tip will also save you money on your heating bill, as you won’t need to turn up the thermostat as high if you’re wrapped in a blanket.

3. Create nooks

Wide open spaces can be cold and uninviting so make little nooks with your furniture to create a restful atmosphere. You could create a reading corner with a big comfortable chair or perhaps make a little nest of couches and cushions for your living room? Even a few pillows and blankets on your living room floor can create a cosy little sanctuary for a chilly night at home.

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Image courtesy of khongkitwiriyachan/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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