Learn from top buyers agents to avoid disastrous hidden traps. This book reveals:

  • The 5 big mistakes that trip up even experienced investors!
  • 4 critical things to check before you sign on the dotted line!
  • Score the best deal for your property investment goals!
  • Top tips to avoid all the mistakes!

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“Property Wizards have the in-depth knowledge, experience and access to the latest information on the property market to select the right property first time. Many buyers of properties are not aware that some ‘investment properties’ do not have good potential for growth… Having a buyer’s agent to look after your interests is critical in obtaining the best deal available in the market.”

John Mitchell
Perth, WA

“They have intimate knowledge of the property purchase process… The due diligence they perform on a property is much better than I could do myself with my limited time. The buyer’s agent’s knowledge of the property market and expertise ensures that you end up with a quality property, suitable for your requirements. It saved me a lot of stress.”

Mike Saarelainen